When you sign up one of our team will get in touch with you and make a time to catch up for your first session. This could be a small group session or one-on-one - whatever suits you best. Remember, this whole programme is all about you. 


Once you've had your last cigarette, your biggest challenge will be staying on track. That's quite normal and it's where our team can help. They can give you free lozenges, gum or patches to help beat those nicotine cravings, check in regularly to make sure you're doing okay and share heaps of tips and ideas to help you beat the habit. You're well on your way. 


Once you've gone a month without smoking, you've done the hard yards. After that, our team can help you find alternate support groups and help you get subsidised nicotine replacement once you've finished the programme. Its best to avoid temptation, but keep up the good work and look forward to a time where you don't even think about smoking. That time is closer than you'd think.