Ready, Steady, Quit.
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Answers to your questions

The following answers some of the common questions about the Ready, Steady, Quit. programme.


What’s the first step? What can I expect?

When you’ve decided to stop smoking, you can either ‘self-refer’ by contacting the Stop Smoking Service in Auckland & Waitemata directly, or someone you trust eg, your GP/Family Doctor, Church Pastor, or a member of your whanau can help refer you to the service. Once that referral is received, the first step is that a central co-ordinator from the service will contact you to discuss your individual needs and preferences. This is so they can match you with a qualified expert to support you through the 4-week programme, which might involve group-based or one-to-one sessions, depending on what would work best for you.

You can expect a service that puts you at the centre, is focused on helping you achieve the outcomes you want, and is adaptable and flexible to your needs. The person supporting you through the programme will be trained and qualified in stop smoking techniques and practices.

Depending on your circumstances, they may talk with you about nicotine replacement therapy/NRT (gum, patches, lozenges) and/or medication options. In the case of prescription medicine, like Champix, a registered nurse from the Stop Smoking Service would be required to liaise with your GP/Family Doctor (this may incur a fee with your GP).

If you’ve been referred by your GP/Family Doctor, the service will advise them of your outcome of the programme.

What does it cost?

The Stop Smoking Service in Auckland & Waitemata is completely FREE – there’s no charge to enrol in the programme or attend any of the sessions. Nicotine replacement therapy/NRT, including gum, patches, lozenges are also available free of charge. If you are prescribed medication like Champix or Zyban to support you to stop smoking, there may be a prescription cost of $5 per item. This may also incur a prescription fee from your GP/family doctor.

Is the service confidential? What if I don’t quit smoking or finish the programme?

All your personal information will be securely stored and treated as confidential.

If your GP/Family Doctor has referred you, then they’ll be advised of your outcome of the programme. If you don’t want this information shared with your GP/Family Doctor, then tell us. It’s your stop smoking journey, so it’s up to you to decide who you share the outcome with – whether you become smokefree or don’t quite make it this time.

I’m already enrolled in the Quitline programme. Can I enrol in this programme too?

Absolutely. We’d just recommend that you let your Stop Smoking Service expert know, as well as your Quitline coach know that you’re enrolled in both programmes so that each has a full picture of the support you’re receiving. Many people stopping smoking find the combination of 24/7 support over the phone and face-to-face support as really helpful for their stop smoking journey.

Do I have to attend group sessions?

No. When you first talk to the central co-ordinator or your qualified expert, they’ll work through which type of programme is going to be best for your needs. Many people find group-based sessions really beneficial as it provides peer support as well as expert advice, but it may not be right for you. This service strives to provide choice and flexibility for the individual’s needs, to enable the greatest chance of a successful quit outcome.